Smart, good quality, durable and reasonably priced are the top criteria for staff uniforms at international investment management company Fidelity International, a Joseph Alan's customer for the past 12 years.

Security manager Glenn Davenport is responsible for sourcing uniforms for more than 40 client-facing staff at Fidelity’s Cannon Street office, including security, reception, concierge and fine dining team members. He says, “The corporate wear offered by Joseph Alan is attractive, hard wearing and easy to care for; all their clothing, including suits, is machine washable and retains its shape and colour over time."

“One of the main benefits for us is that we can choose a suit style and colour that we like, and Joseph Alan can provide garments from that range for all our staff, tailored to fit them. We have a wide range of body shapes and sizes, from broad-built male security guards to female receptionists, so it’s quite an achievement to kit them out so they present a unified image of Fidelity International.

“We tend to order new uniforms every 12-18 months or so. Arguably, we could probably go a bit longer as the garments still look pretty good, but we want that ultra-smart image that new uniform delivers.

“Earlier this year, we completely changed our uniforms, moving from charcoal grey suits with blue shirts to navy suits in a slightly different style, with white shirts; it looks a bit cleaner and fresher, and the team like the new look. Joseph Alan helped us through that process, bringing over items from a number of their tailoring ranges for our team members to model, so we could choose the one we liked best, and then measuring and fitting everyone for their new garments.”

He added, “We spend several thousands of pounds a year on staff uniforms, so we regularly check alternative uniform suppliers to make sure we’re getting good value, and Joseph Alan prices compare favourably: they’re not necessarily the cheapest but the difference is marginal and when we factor in the range of items and the service Joseph Alan provides, they are definitely the best solution for our uniform needs.”

- Fidelity International -


As an airline we take pride in the professional image of our cabin crew.

It has been a pleasure working with Joseph Alan in 2017 as they have offered a professional, flexible and personal service that has facilitated our short term business growth. Their response is always ‘can do’ and they have been quick to meet our requirements.

We look forward to developing a new uniform concept with them in the future and working with the Joseph Alan's team.

- AirTanker -


Read a review on uniforms supplied by Joseph Alan (PDF).

- Perception, an Interserve company -


The uniform that came in on Monday was well received and had lots of good feedback on the quality of it in comparison to what they got from their previous employer, so good job!

- Interserve -